Impact Youth


Love God. Love Others.

What is Impact Youth? Impact Youth exists as a youth-focused group in the local Emily community (including Outing, Fifty-Lakes, C-I and everywhere in-between) to provide a space for discussions about faith, family, friends, connection to Jesus and others, and anything else involved in teenage life. We believe in allowing God’s Word to help us discover who He is, who we are, and how to live daily. At Impact, our number one priority is growing closer to God and inviting others to encounter Him alongside us

So what do actually you do there? Good question! Every week on Wednesday nights we start off the evening by eating dinner at the Care N’ Share cafe, served between 5:00-6:00 p.m. Students head downstairs to “Sofa Land” (AKA the youth center area where there is a pool table and other activities) and chill until 6:09 p.m. when the whole crowd comes together and listens to an engaging Biblical message from our youth leader or a guest speaker. After this, the group breaks up into our Sr High Boys, Sr High Girls, Jr High Boys, and Jr High Girls small groups to start talking about life with our leadership team. It’s pretty awesome…We typically have some fun game or activity mixed in with the evening.

That sounds good, so who can all come? Anyone between 7th and 12th grade is invited to be a part of the group. Come hang out with us!

I’m in! When do I start? Impact Youth meets on Wednesday nights at Emily Wesleyan Church! See you then!

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