Advent Sundays at EWC

This Sunday, November 30, 2020, we begin Advent, a time of preparation. Sometimes we get so busy preparing for Christmas – buying presents, decorating, baking, etc.

The more important preparation is to prepare our hearts to celebrate the 1st coming of Jesus and to look forward to His 2nd coming.  So we urge you -spend time in God’s Word  – read the prophecies of Jesus’s birth. Or read the book of Luke, one chapter a day. There are 24 chapters so you will have read it all by Christmas. Or find a devotional that will help you slow down and focus on the gifts the Lord has given to you.

Whatever you choose, take time to prepare your heart for Christmas.

During Advent we will be changing the Sunday morning worship service slightly. We are adding in a drama and special music each week. If you are healthy, please come and worship with us. We believe you will be changed by the music, drama and messages and refreshed in your spirit by worshiping and fellow shipping with other believers.

We hope to see you this Sunday!

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