Monthly Message – October 2018

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This week I was reading about courage and I couldn’t help but thinking of David. Perhaps the youngest person in the Old Testament to distinguish himself through an act of courage was David. One courageous act thrust him onto the stage of national significance in Israel; and killed a giant. As a result of his courage, David changed the course of Israel. As I thought about David courageously going out to face Goliath it made me wonder if we have courage like that.

Living courageously doesn’t mean that we have to face giants but that we do the right thing. Philip Haille wrote of the little village of Le Chambon in France, a town whose people, unlike others in France, hid their Jews from the Nazis. Haille went there, wondering what sort of courageous, ethical heroes could risk all to do such extraordinary good. He interviewed people in the village and was overwhelmed by their ordinariness. They weren’t heroes or smart, discerning people. Haille decided the one factor that united them was their attendance, Sunday after Sunday, at their little church, where they heard the sermons of Pastor Trochme. Over time, they became by habit people who just knew what to do and did it. When it came time for them to be courageous, the day the Nazis came to town, they quietly did what was right. One old woman, faked a heart attack when the Nazis came to search her house, later said, “Pastor always taught us that there comes a time in every life when a person is asked to do something for Jesus. When our time came, we knew what to do.”

We are told to live courageously in 1 Corinthians 16:13: “Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong”. We can be courageous because just like David it is God that is with us. Go ahead and read about David’s courage in 1 Samuel 17 and be courageous in God.

Pastor Ryan

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