Monthly Message – September 2018

Back To School

The first full week of September for many means one thing; back to school. For most the beginning of school is not something that we look forward to but rather dread. It may be that we just want summer to last longer as we know that with the start of school also comes fall and we all know what follows fall. But as the calendar turns to fall for many it is a return to a normal routine and a slowdown from the busy season that is summer. While kids hate the return to school, parents often times have an appreciation for the return of school.

We all tend to be people that do well with structure and routine. We find comfort in our daily routines, whether that be at school or work. But is there something that God would like you to add to your routine this fall? Does God want you to add prayer or time spent in your Bible to your day? Maybe these are things that have gotten squeezed out of your schedule this summer? Or maybe you have been missing church altogether and God is calling you back so you can experience the benefits of worshipping together.

I encourage you as the seasons change to listen to the Holy Spirit and as you develop your routine for this school year to add what He desires for you. Don’t neglect the spiritual things for less important things of our daily life. Fall is not only the beginning of the school year but the beginning of ministry programming at the church. Soon we will begin Sunday school and midweek programming and we would love to have you back.

Pastor Ryan

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