Monthly Message – October 2017

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They Will Know Them by Their Love

In the final verses of John 13 Jesus begins his farewell discourse to His disciples. In verses 33-35 Jesus gives instructions on love when He says; “a new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” In the church we talk about love and loving others but I often have to wonder if we fully grasp what Jesus had in mind when He gave this “new commandment.” Jesus wants us to love just as He did, which means that our love is expressed through committed obedience and we must pursue a life of servanthood and sacrifice.

To show the love of Christ to others and to love them is easy to do a lot of the time but how do we continue to love those who are hard to love? According to C.S. Lewis: Love, in the Christian sense does not mean an emotion. It is not a state of the feelings but of the will; that state of the will which we naturally have for ourselves, and must learn to have about other people. To love even those who are hard to love is a learned practice and is contrary to our own selfish mindset. Often times we must find one specific thing and focus on that in order to love difficult people. Ian Pitt-Watson describes in this way: There is a natural, logical kind of loving that loves lovely things and lovely people. But there is another kind of loving that doesn’t look for value in what it loves, but that “creates” value in what it loves.

So how are we showing the love of Christ to others? If we really want people to know that we are followers of Christ let us show them the love of Christ so that they may know and in return know Him.

Pastor Ryan

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