Pastor JeffWe as human beings have are really good at making memorials to tragedy. The various war memorials, the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Oklahoma city bombing memorial, the Twin Towers memorial and now the Boston Marathon memorial planned for 2018. We tend to remember the tragedies a lot better than the good things that happen. Perhaps it is just a part of life that these things leave stronger impressions on our lives but the question is “why?” Why don’t we memorialize the good things that happen to us? Are they are so easy to forget?

Our forgetfulness, I believe, is one the reasons that God kept reminding the Israelites to remember the good things that he had done. Not only were they to remember, they were to share them with their children and with future generation. The Israelite people would often set up monuments in places where God had met them in a special way. There was the stone that Jacob set up when he first met with God, marking his commitment to make Yahweh his God. There were the altars that the Israelites set up when they walked across the Jordan on dry ground. There was also the duplicate altar that the eastern tribes set up on the other bank to remind them what God had done and that Israel’s God was their God as well. These are just a few of the monuments that were used to remind people of what God had done.

Memorial Day is also a good day to remember what God has done, not just in the life of our country but, in our own lives and lives of our family. We should celebrate and be thankful for the sacrifice of our military men and women but we must also be thankful to God for what he has brought us and our country through.

Take some time this Memorial Day to remember and give thanks to God for all that he has brought us through; the bad and the good.

In Christ, Pastor Jeff

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