“Deep Waters”

deepwaterThere is a story in Luke Chapter 5 about Jesus teaching. As a crowd begins to gather, Jesus steps in to a boat belonging to Peter in order to speak to the crowd without being forced into the water. After Jesus finishes speaking to the crowd he tells Peter to take the boat out into the deep water and throw out his nets. Peter shares with Jesus that they had been fishing all night and caught nothing but because Jesus asked them to they would do it. In the end the net is so full of fish that it begins to break and Peter has to call his partners to give him a hand.

Isn’t that like Jesus? All it takes is a little faith and he will bring a great harvest.

There are times in life when we wonder what God is doing. It seems that we see him working in other people’s life and we wonder what God is doing in ours. Peter, tired from a fruitless night of fishing, gets pressed into using his boat as a platform for Jesus to teach from. When asked by Jesus to go into deep waters Peter steps out in faith and God provides an overflowing net.

God met Peter in the rituals of everyday life. He just offered his boat as a platform and God rewarded his obedience with a net full of fish.

When we give God our everyday life we open ourselves up to God’s blessing. Are we willing to follow God to the deep waters?

In Christ,

Pastor Jeff


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