Gettin’ Ready

Monthly Message: Gettin’ Ready

I’ve been watching a lot of red squirrel’s lately. Boy, are they busy. They are running up and down trees, back and forth on the ground gathering nuts and food for the winter. If activity is any indicator it might be a long winter. But my viewpoint may be slanted since I am taking time to notice this year.

Another thing I have noticed is that they are very self-oriented. If another squirrel comes into their territory they are quick to chase it off. They make sure that no other squirrel will get their nuts.

Autumn is a time of a lot of activity inside and outside of the church. Ministries are starting up and gaining traction. People are returning to church after a summer hiatus. It is a great opportunity to connect with others. It’s good to get involved with others both inside and outside of the church.

There are also the preparations for winter; leaves to be raked, yards and gardens to be cleaned, and houses to be winterized. All these make for some great “outdoor exercise.”

As you prepare this fall don’t be like the red squirrels, focusing only on their own job pushing aside anyone who gets in their way. Take some time to look around. Are there others that could use some help? Perhaps there are some elderly, widows or handicap people who would be blessed by your helping hands. I know there is no rake-n-run this year but perhaps you could get together with another family, couple or even your small group and help out a neighbor in need.

In Christ, Pastor Jeff


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