Watching the Grass Grow


Pastor Jeff

This past spring I have been in the habit of watching grass grow. Usually I am in the habit of inspecting my lawn to see just how long the grass is and giving my son encouragement to get out there and get the lawn mowed. This year I have been watching for another reason. I’ve been watching the field beside the church. This spring the ground was leveled and seed was put out so that we could have a larger playing field. One the kids could actually play on without the fear of turning an ankle on the bumpy ground.

I’ve been watching as the new grass begins to take root and grow and begins to thicken. Some of the questions that are coming to mind are; How soon should we cut the new grass? How short should we cut it? Is the grass getting enough water? Is the soil good enough to grow the grass well? Are their nutrients we could to add to the soil that would help? There is a lot that goes into making a good lawn.

It reminded me about our own spiritual lives. At times God had to make some deep cuts to get our lives a place where God can use us. There has been some leveling and some seeding with new attitudes and actions. At first it may look like chaos, piles here and there. At other times it may seem to be bare of any fruit. But with patience, we will begin to see the grass grow. What once looked so barren or sparse will become full and prosperous. What once held a keep off the new grass sign will say “Come take off your shoes, and enjoy what God has done.”

We are all works in progress. Some of us a little less a lush lawn than others but remember that God is still working out his masterpiece. We’ll get there even if we have to wait until heaven.

In Christ, Pastor Jeff

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