PastorJeffThis spring as I was getting ready to cut my lawn for the first time, I noticed that all the gas cans were out of gas. I looked in the tank of the mower and saw there was some gas left. So I set out to mow with the gas I had left. I started with the longer areas of the lawn and moved out from there. Though the mower did go farther than I expected it finally it quit. Now I could have continued to walk the lawn, covering the whole thing. It would have been a lot of work with little to show for it. Without fuel, the mower just doesn’t work.

The same thing could be said for our lives as well. If we don’t take time to refuel sooner or later we will run out of gas. If we work too long without resting our bodies eventually run out of energy. We then get susceptible to illness, disease and even death. If we don’t feed our minds on good stuff we eventually fall prey to bad thinking.

The same is true of our spiritual lives. If we don’t take time to refuel, we eventually run out of energy to be effective for Christ. We can’t expect to give and give for God without taking in from God. Going through the motions of ministry without the power of God in our lives is like trying to mow the lawn without fuel in the tank. It can be a lot of activity but lacks purpose.

So how do we refuel spiritually? Well first of all we have to go the source; God Himself. We do that by going to Him in prayer, reading and meditating on his word. We seek his will for our lives. We ask him for wisdom to apply what He shares with us. This takes time. It takes effort. But even Jesus thought it necessary to get away from the crowd to refuel and refocus with his Heavenly Father. How can we think we are any different?

So this summer as you may take some time to refuel and get away from the daily grind, don’t forget to spend some time refueling with your Heavenly Father. It’s amazing what can get done with a full tank.

In Christ,

Pastor Jeff

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