Beta Blockers

PastorJeffDuring my recovery from heart surgery 25 years ago, I discovered an important physical truth. Your body at times needs adrenaline to continue efficiently. After I got out of the hospital I was put on two medicines. The first was a blood thinner to keep blood clots from forming. The second was a beta blocker. The beta blocker basically blocks your body from emitting adrenaline which could cause your heart to work too hard. This is very important for heart patients. They need to recover slowly and carefully.

I didn’t think too much about until about 10 weeks later. They doctor gave me the go ahead to start back to exercising. Since I didn’t think weight lifting would be a good thing on my freshly cracked chest, I decided to try getting back to racquetball with my friend Bruce. So we went to the court and as we played our first game I felt pretty good. I even won though I have a suspicion he was taking it easy on me and I knew I had to play smarter not harder.

I’ll never forget the first serve of the second game. Bruce returned the serve and as I went to reach for the ball my body just felt like a lead weight. I had no energy. I remember stopping and kind of going over and leaning against the wall. I told Bruce I’d have to quit. I tried to feel my pulse it seemed fine. I was just exhausted. Then it came to me. I had no adrenaline to keep my body going. Once my energy stores were reached, I was done.

Bruce took me home and called me later that day. I told him I was fine. A little food and a little rest and I was good to go.

It reminds of the times that I have tried to go through life on my own strength. Without the power of the Holy Spirit, I eventually run out of strength to do the work I have to do. The more we put out, the less we have to give….unless we choose to let the Holy Spirit come in and renew and revive us.

Sometimes sin is what blocks the power of the Holy Spirit. At other times, it’s just our own stubbornness, wanting to work in our own strength or do things our way, that makes us weak. Either way the result can be disastrous for our spiritual life and/or ministry. So if needed, ask God for forgiveness, Repent and turn from the sin. Commit once again to walk in the light of God’s word.

As summer approaches take some time to recharge with God. Get into his word. Allow the Holy Spirit to once again fill you so you can have the strength to serve Him.

In Christ,

Pastor Jeff

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