Connecting,  is  the word used often in describing  relationships.  What husband or wife has not heard the words “we are not connecting” or some form of it in their relationships?  Connecting is an important part of our lives.  We like to connect with friends to keep our friendship close.  A politician wants to connect with the people in order to win their votes.  Workers want to connect with their employers in order to receive a favorable review. 

We each have people with whom we connect.  Some on a deeper level some in an area of interest only.  Maybe it’s rocks or children, or sports or hunting, whatever the interest it can bring us closer together. 

 Jesus was all about connecting with people.  He chose his disciples and spent time with them preparing them for what was to come.   His connections became the means through which the Church was born.

Connections are the way the church continues to grow.  It is through your connections with family and friends that that we can draw people to ourselves and through those relationships to Jesus.  Never discount the connections you have made.  Each one of them could be an opportunity to draw someone closer to Jesus.

PastorJeffLet us spend some time making our connections count for Christ


In Christ,  Pastor Jeff

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